The ultimate vegetable mill

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Here's a unique tool for preparing mashed potatoes and milling fruits and vegetables easily. It comes with two interchangeable disks with different hole size. The scoop helps you when purréeing large amounts of fruits and vegetables.


The vegetable mill can be used for puréeing boiled or raw tomatoes and raw fruits with soft pulp such as bananas, strawberries, etc. Other kinds of fruits and vegetables such as tubers, legumes, apples ecc. must be boiled until soft before puréeing.


It's easy to assemble: just insert the pin of the rotating handle into the centre of the strainer and attach the side of the cross arm with the scoop from below into one of the cross arm brackets.


Put into the assembled vegetable mill an appropriate amount of cut raw or boiled ripe tomatoes with soft pulps, cut boiled vegetables and fruits or raw fruits with soft pulps and purée them by smoothly rotating the handle clockwise. The vegetable mill is perfect for preparing homogenized baby foods.