The taste of summer... in a jar!

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Summer's nearly over, but you can capture its the taste with homemade jams and preserves that will remind you of those warm days when the winter comes. We give you the right tools: not only jars and bottles or funnels and tongs… there's more! The set for juicing fruits and vegetables is perfect for preparing homemade fruit and vegetable syrups, natural juices, jellies and jams from fresh and frozen fruits and vegetables. Once prepared, sterilise them with the preserving set with thermometer DELLA CASA: the easiest wat of having all your jars ready for being stored!


The juicing set fits every pot or casserole with 24 cm diameter. Water for steam cooking, fresh fruits and sugar, 90 minutes cooking... and that's how it's done! The juice will flow from the steamer through the silicone tube and into a bottle or jar.


Once the juices and jams are ready, bottled and sterilised, you can wash the juicer and preserving set in the dishwasher: easy and quick!

So what are you waiting for? Gather the best of summer fruits and vegetables and preserve them for the cold season!