The frying pan gone smart

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How many times have you craved a revolutionary frying pan which saves space, and suitable for the stove as well as the oven? SmartCLICK makes this dream come true: discover the whole range which encompasses traditional frying pans, grilling pans, crepiere and wok, all of them with non-stick coating and thick bottom suitable for induction cookers.


> SmartCLICK is space-saving: remove the handle for storage to save space in the cupboards

> SmartCLICK is non-stick: the non-stick coating prevents foods from burning or sticking to the pan

> SmartCLICK is multifunctional: use it as a traditional frying pan on the cooker or remove the handle to cook in the oven!

> SmartCLICK is extra thick: the thick sandwich bottom lets you save energy while cooking and is suitable for induction cookers

> SmartCLICK is sturdy: the non-stick coating is very resistant and withstands frequent dishwashing

> SmartCLICK is complete: traditional frying pans available in several sizes as well as grilling pans and other special pans