Taste seafood in style

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If you like seafood, you'll love the Presto Seafood range: these tools will help you taste the delicacies from the sea. Perfect at home, and a great gift idea. For real gourmets!

Stop fighting with shrimps and prawns, try the scissors with curved serrated blades that will help you cut the shell of shrimps easily without letting it slip from the blades.


The shellfish cracker will help you open the shells of crabs, lobsters, crayfish etc. easily: it slits the shell yet leaves the pulp intact. With a funny design which reminds of seafood!


The oyster knife is indispensable for opening those mussels: it makes the job easier and safe. It comes with a robust blade of stainless steel and guard and an elegant handle made of pearly plastich for safe grip, which reminds of the colour of oysters.


The shellfish forks are specifically studied for easily removing meat from the seafood. They come in sets of 4 stainless steel pieces.