Stainless steel flasks... timeless classics

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Stainless stele vacuum flasks are timeless classics: robust, with a modern design and above all, they're perfect for keeping the temperature of foods and drinks - either hot or cold - for a long time. The CONSTANT range enriches with new solutions (vacuum flasks in several different capacities and with different features) and a new stylish MOCCA colour.

The range encompasses vacuum pitchers for serving tea and coffee at home even if the family members have different schedules; thermal mugs, sports flasks with filter for infusing fruits...


... as well as flasks with a special lock for preventing accidental openings, or food flasks with handle, easy to carry anywhere. Not to metion the thermal mug with removable handle that's perfect for right and left handed.


All flasks are made of double-wall stainless steel which assures a constant temperature of the foods inside for hours. They are all available both in the classic black version and the new MOCCA finish.