Meat or fish… cooked to a turn

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Here's the perfect tool to measure the inner temperature of meat and fish while you bake or grill them: when the foods reach the desired temperature, the thermometer emits an audible signal. The fork is provided with an easy-to-read display with backlight which indicates the temperature in °C. Characterized by a captivating design, made of stainless steel and resistant plastic; it is powered by 2 AAA batteries 1,5 V (not included), provided with protective cover for the thermic sensors.



Temperatures for optimally cooked meat

Type of meat or fish


Medium well

Well done

Beef, veal 63 °C 71 °C 77 °C
Mutton 63 °C 71 °C 77 °C
Pork - 71 °C 77 °C
Chicken and turkey - - 82 °C
Duck and goose - - 74 °C
Tuna and salmon, thick steak - 60 °C 70 °C