Luxury cookware Ultima

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ULTIMA is the new range of cookware that meets the requirements of the most demanding chefs. It is characterized by a revolutionary system of steam control and straining thanks to the covers with 3 working positions. The covers can also be set aside into the grips, letting condensed steam run back into the vessel. The extra thick sandwich bottom allows for considerable energy saving and perfectly even cooking of foods. The vessels are provided with a graduated scale for precise measuring of liquids, and safe plastic grips that do not burn. Made of high grade stainless steel 18/10, suitable for all types of cookers, including induction cookers.


Cook all to the good!

Select the working position for the cover for different cooking performance according to which food you are going to cook. When checking or stirring foods you can set the cover into the grip in vertical position.


A spoon or ladle can be placed into the grooving in the grip of the casserole.