I'll bring the BBQ!

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Enjoy a nice barbecue in the open air even if you don't down a garden: the power grill PARTY TIME requires just a small balcony! It works with normal charcoal, you can ignite it using fuel and add more charcoal while grilling. The turbo fan makes it highly efficient and ready for grilling in just 5 minutes after ignition. bbq2.jpg

It's very easy to use: insert the batteries, place the stainless steal fat container and dish, spread some firefighter and ignite. Turn the fan control to the end right position: an activity light will go on and the fan will begin to operate. Fill the chamber with charcoal and put it in place, then put the grate and removable centre. The temperature can be adjusted by turning the fan control.


You can refill the charcoal chamber without interrupting the grilling just by removing the central grate and add more charcoal while grilling foods.

It's light and easily manageable and space saving, you can use it everywhere. Thus when you feel like some grilled food with your friends, you can say "I'll bring the BBQ!"