Home made is better!

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We're a lot into "home made" foods, that's why we created the DELLA CASA range, so that you can prepare fresh cheese, butter and creamy desserts at home, in little time and spending little money and what's more, choosing your favorite and most genuine ingredients!


Herbs, spices, fruits… you can indulge in your favorite flavors. Preparing fresh and creamy cheese is really easy thanks to the set with bowl, lid, strainer and non-woven reusable cloths. You will have delicious cheese ready in a few hours! And if you need some ideas, find them in the cookbook enclosed.


Want to prepare some genuine butter, either natural or seasoned with herbs? You definitely need the butter maker: put some cream, sour cream, a pinch of salt and herbs into the recipient and whip for a couple of minutes. Once the disc begins to put resistance it means that the butter's ready.


Once ready, gather it and store it into the butter dish DELLA CASA. It contains up to 100 grams giving it the proper shape and preserving it for at least 7 days. The little spikes on the bottom prevent the butter from slipping when sliced.