Gourmet meals… in a microwave!

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Purity Microwave is a range of cookware specifically studied for the microwave oven. It encompasses several pots and recipients, each with a specific function, to help you cook light, tasty and genuine meals in minutes. There's more to microwave than defrosting!


The Tescoma patented fluorination technology confers unique characteristics to all Purity MicroWave range. The revolutionary surface does not absorb the odours of food and does not become discoloured; it is antibacterial and environmentally-friendly: the manufacturing process respects the environment and the washing does not require any detergents, just running water.

The whole range of products is made using top plastic material suitable for medical and pharmaceutical use; it is entirely neutral and in no way affects the quality of food in its preparation and storage.


The range encompasses a steamer and a multifunctional pot provided with a gridiron for grilling food without using fat, and a heat-resistant silicone dish for making popcorn.


The rice pot comes with a measuring spoon for measuring out portions; it allows for steaming rice and preventing it from becoming mushy and overcooked. The pot for potatoes and chips helps you prepare steamed or mashed potatoes as well as crisps, perfect for other vegetables as well. The pasta pot helps you cook spaghetti and other pasta without the risk of overcooking or boiling over, and strain it directly in the pot. Provided with a scale for measuring out from 1 to 4 servings of spaghetti.


The plate cover has two functions: protects food from drying out while cooking in a microwave oven and serves as a dome for the table, refrigerator etc.


A dish for omelets and eggs and a dish for boiled eggs complete the range.